How your donation helps

The Alex Mandarino Foundation raises funds for research that will find new and innovative ways to treat neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. We know we can make this world so much better for kids fighting cancer and their families. No dollar amount is too small.

Helping Fund Research

image22018 – $25,000 was given to Dr. Mary Beth Madonna. Dr. Madonna’s innovative research is focused on understanding what makes neuroblastoma tumor cells in some patients resistant to standard forms of chemotherapy —a major obstacle in treating the disease. Find out more about the Madonna Neuroblastoma Research Lab here.

2016 – $50,000 was given to to support Andre Bachmann’s cancer research at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics and Human Development. Bachmann is studying a drug called TIR-199, whicMSU MD Magazineh he has found to have properties to kill cancer cells. Laboratory tests show it is effective against neuroblastoma, a highly advancing childhood cancer that forms in nerve cells. Read more about TIR-199 by clicking here.

2015 – $45,000 was given to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for research for personalized cancer therapies. It has become increasingly clear that even patients with the same tumor type can have significantly different diseases, susceptible to different therapeutic remedies. MSKCC uses real patient-derived tumor specimens implanted into a mouse host to create a “patient-derived xenograft” or PDX. MSKCC aims to develop a set of PDXs from surgical specimens at initial diagnosis and at relapse. It’s with these tumor samples that the cancer team can perform comprehensive genetic testing of these tumor samples to determine all potential targets. This approach will provide lasting return on investment by allowing physicians to choose the appropriate therapy for their patient based on genetic testing. The Alex Mandarino Foundation is proud to help fund the development of PDXs and we look forward to the day when cancer therapy is truly personalized.

2014 – $40,000 was given to Nai-Kong V. Cheung, MD, PhD at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to help with the development, manufacturing, and clinical testing of a new bi-specific antibody for the treatment of neuroblastoma.

2013 – $30,000 was given to Neuroblastoma Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC).

Helping Families

We know all too well how important it is to be with your child during cancer treatment. For most of us, that means jobs, bills and life outside the hospital come second. With your donations The Alex Mandarino Foundation has been able to give over $70,000 worth of gifts to deserving families who have a child in active treatment! 

Thank You

Each of these grants would not have been possible without the support of those in our community that have given their time and money throughout the year. Thank you for your continued support!

Do you want to help?

Join us at our main fundraising event, Alex’s Duck Duck Run, on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Sign-up to run or walk, volunteer, be a Duck Duck Supporter, or become a sponsor

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